The Beaumont

Building a Family

Working closely with luxury Mayfair hotel The Beaumont, Wander produced a short film to catalyse a new chapter of recruitment.

"Everyone loves it and quite a few tears have been shed. I think everyone feels a huge sense of pride when they watch it."

Martine de Geus

Director of Marketing

Centred on personal testimony, our film interviewed numerous hotel employees; from chefs, to front of house and from bar staff to sommeliers. Each candidly sharing with us their Beaumont journey – when they joined, the training they were given and the team they became part of.

"It was a really fun project to work on, and the final result is superb."

Marie-Laure Barlet

Marketing Manager

Framed as a scrapbook of memories, ideas and experiences, our intimately crafted film showcased the close knit and caring nature of the Beaumont staff – who see themselves as more than just colleagues, but as “a family”.

The film is set to be released in September 2022, kickstarting an exciting expansion and new chapter for The Beaumont  story.


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