Can Machines Think?

CVSSP is one of the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research centres.

In build up to CVSSP’s 30th anniversary, Wander was invited to rebrand the centre as part of a landmark campaign that would set down an important new chapter in its story.

Our goal was to go beyond CVSSP, to not just make a film, but start a conversation.

A conversation that can draw people into the film, catalyse debate and if needed, divide an audience, whilst always maintaining the clients’ core values.

In the search for this conversation piece, it quickly became clear that at the centre of all of Artificial Intelligence is, and always has been, a singular question that drives it all:

Our film and its surrounding campaign was designed to answer and expand the ‘impossible question’.

We designed and printed a book, which put forward contrasting positions, whilst our production team produced a film that invited leading experts, academics, researchers and PhD students to try and find an answer themselves.

‘Can Machines Think?’ Also became the central theme of the 30th anniversary event itself. With CVSSP’s leading academics demonstrating 30 groundbreaking technologies, such as virtual reality, deep learning neural networks, autonomous driving and computer vision, to confound and confundle audiences.

All either confirming or refuting the question at our campaign’s heart.

'Many thanks to you and your team for the inspiration, bringing this together and responding to all our requests along the way. I really think the result is something to be proud of.'

Professor Adrian Hilton

Director, CVSSP

"You got us completely and the final product is something that has received lots of praise and admiration. You have definitely set the bar very high! It was a pleasure working with you."

Liz James

Centre, Manager

The campaign culminated in a vibrant panel debate between leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, chaired by TV icon Professor Jim Al-Khalili. During the discussion the panelists each chose a side and further fed into the ongoing debate at the heart of our campaign.

The question remains unanswered.


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