University of Surrey

Better Together

Collaboration is the new competition.

And nobody knows this better than the University of Surrey, a centre of academia and excellence with a reputation for game changing industrial partnership.

Be it world leading expertise in Artificial Intelligence and cyber security, or their groundbreaking formula-one lab, the University of Surrey is a thought leader in dozens of lucrative industries and a priceless partner to any number of SMEs.


In 2019 Wander’s crew travelled the UK to meet and interview some of these industrial partners.

Visiting visionaries within space technology and plasma propulsion, meeting the innovators of Carbon Dioxide busting micro filtration systems, and understanding how leading engineers are refitting vintage Bentleys with the latest performance technologies.

"I think the film looks really great. It provides a fantastic series of case studies of the University of Surrey working with business."

Jon Gunn

Marketing Manager, University of Surrey

To highlight this collaborative spirit, we conducted unique joint interviews that paired the project leads on camera.

This simple yet effective approach showcased the chemistry and synergy between the University academics and their industrial partners in an overtly real way, capturing the bonds of a professional and personal relationship on screen.


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