Royale International

Making it Happen

Founded in 1993, the story of Royale International is legendary amongst peers.

It all started with the founders. Who working all hours; sweltered inside a tiny, windowless, air-con free box of an office, deep within Hong Kong’s summer heat.

25 years on and the company has since become a global superstar of the courier world, operating across a dozen countries and leading the industry with the biggest clients on the planet.

Simply put, Royale moves things. And not just the regular stuff.

They’re renowned for moving what other couriers won’t go near. The seemingly impossible jobs; too far, too fast, too big, too precious – or all of the above.

This includes everything from Lewis Hamilton’s engagement ring, to Elton John’s piano, Ricky Gervais’ tux, the US Open Tennis trophy and even the iconic Iron Throne of Westeros.

Working with creative agency Write the Talk, Wander commissioned two teams of filmmakers across two continents to tell the story of Royale, creating a narrative that was focused on Hong Kong, the heart, soul and home of the company.

However, Royale is much bigger than this.

So in a unique approach, our production team distributed smartphone compatible and broadcast-level microphones to Royale’s offices, through which we were able to interview wider members of the team virtually via their mobile device.

“This was an important project for us that came with seriously challenging locations and timescales, but I’ve been really impressed with what you’ve created and the way you have worked. You're clearly a talent!”

Sandie Hampson

Creative Director, Write the Talk

“It looks great! I’m now waiting for the phone to ring with a deluge of acting opportunities!”

Adrian Dennison

Senior Account Manager, Royale International

The fim was completed with 1990’s Hong Kong archive, complimented by motion graphics created by our partners at Moving Studio and an equally energetic soundtrack by Rival Consoles, from Erased Tapes Records.



Award of Excellence, Storytelling

IoIC National Awards 2019

Award of Excellence, Filmmaking

IoIC National Awards 2019

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