The Beaumont

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The Beaumont is a multi-award winning 5 star hotel in the heart of Mayfair, London. 

Steeped in history and undeniably home to some of the best suites, food and cocktails the world has to offer, The Beaumont has created its own new brand of ‘luxury’.

Reaching beyond expensive wine, designer suites and the finest linen, theirs is a new definition of luxury, based on the hotel’s human centre; the world’s best customer service.

So we built our film on the words of The Beaumont’s guests.

Working with the Beaumont’s team, we collected real reviews of the hotel, before collaborating with award winning calligrapher Ros Wyatt to write out each testimonial on camera.

This original artwork, illustrating each review, was layered onto our film and placed within the spaces and suites about which they were originally written.

"Thank you everyone. We are delighted with the final result!"

Jannes Soerensen

General Manager, The Beaumont

Wander’s production team worked closely with our partners at Erased Tapes Records, commissioning a score by Emmy Award winning composer Michael Price, before finalising the colour grade at Soho’s UNIT post house.


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