The Institute for People-Centred AI

Re-imagining Artificial Intelligence

Launched in October 2021, The Surrey People Centred AI Institute is one of the world’s most exciting and visionary centres for Artificial Intelligence research.

Screened in London’s St James’ Palace to some of the most influential policy makers and thought leaders in the world,

our mini-doc announced to the world the new centre; its team, its ambitions and the uniquely people-centred perspectives at its heart.

Fantastic - many thanks for delivering such a clear and creative vision at such short notice. I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

Professor Adrian Hilton

Centre Director

FANTASTIC WORK - Thank you very much! This sounds and looks so amazing. The quality and creativity of this film are just inspiring!

Eli James

Director Strategy and Operations

Our eye catching  and bespoke visual style used optical fractals, biometric lighting and abstract motion graphics approaches to visualise the blurry and undefined nature of artificial intelligence, centring people in the discussion and showcasing the impossibly powerful capacity of AI in the future.

This is fabulous! Well done!

Professor Max Lu

University Vice Chancellor

Comprised of experts of various genders, ethnic backgrounds, disciplines and nationalities, the Institute approaches AI not from a vision of capacity and speed, but one of ethics, inclusivity and human-centred morality, combining the skills of engineering, health, hospitality, transport, law, arts, entertainment and humanities for a more holistic approach to AI.


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