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Transforming Digital Health

The world around us looks different every single day.

Technology is evolving at a breathtaking rate, connecting each of us in new, exciting and often unexpected ways.

 A growing conversation surrounds innovation; vibrant chatter about the wonders of virtual reality, the blistering speed of 5G and the crystal clear clarity of 4K video.

But what else is becoming possible within this digital revolution…

What about – Digital Health?

'I'm biased in all things photographic but this is really great. The pace and narrative thread are spot on, editing is slick and drives the flow very well...'

Dr Radu Sporea

Lecturer, University of Surrey

Expert, insightful, thought provoking and human centred.

Our short documentary produced in Summer 2020, peered into the wonderful worlds of psychiatry, diabetes and microcirculation, to see how digital technology is transforming the ways we manage illness and care for patients.

'Big thank you to the Wander team – I think it looks great!'

Jo Armes

Lead for Digital Health, University of Surrey

Wander’s film will lead the University of Surrey’s new website dedicated to Digital Health.

Positioned as a central pillar of storytelling, putting a human face to the incredible research, set to be expanded and built upon over the coming years.

'This looks really good, you did a great job with the editing. Thanks for including me and organising it all.'

Dr Carol Crean

Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey


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