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Truth and Illusion: The Work of Edward Albee

In 2009 the National Theatre launched what was to become one of their most loved ventures to date: NTLive.

This wildly successful new direction would take the National Theatre’s most popular shows and open them up to the world; broadcasting them live to thousands of cinemas across the globe.

As part of this project, Wander has collaborated with the National Theatre to create behind the scenes documentaries to feature alongside these broadcasts.

Short films that capture the hidden stories behind each production, to be broadcast in tandem – to millions of viewers – directly before the show itself.

"It’s so brilliant. Everyone in NT Live team really loves it!"

Kate Moore

Producer, the National Theatre

Featured alongside the NT’s critically acclaimed ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolff?’ Wander was commissioned to create a short documentary that uncovered the story of enigmatic author and 3 time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Edward Albee.

Truth and Illusion discussed Albee’s work, his life and writing style with leading experts in the field; including Britain’s longest-serving theatre critic Michael Billington OBE, Professor of Contemporary Theatre Stephen Bottoms, playwright Sarah Grochala and the award winning director of the play itself, James Macdonald.

The final film was presented as a cinematic yet disjointed insight into Albee’s life, with its jarring edit style and dramatic score intended to reflect the strange, yet brilliant character of the playwright.

Colour graded by The Mill and mixed in 5.1 surround sound by Jungle; Truth and Illusion was broadcast alongside the play for several months to millions of viewers across the world.


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