The University of Surrey

Starting a new chapter

In November 2022 Wander launched the University of Surrey’s groundbreaking Institute for Sustainability, with a bold and empowering animation that was showcased at the world renowned Royal Society.

"This is really, really good!"

Lorenzo Fioramonti

Institute Co-director

‘Day Dot’ visualises the creative and colaboratory nature of sustainability in a way that was optimistic, progressive and inviting; utilising colourful and bespoke illustrations to frame sustainability not as a challenge, but an opportunity for all of us.

The story and visual approach to the animation is centred around a single dot, which over the course of the film becomes more interconnected and networked; to show that the big challenges ahead of us cannot be addressed alone, but together.

The Institute launched in December 2022 and promises to fundamentally reshape the landscape of sustainability research and innovation, to enrich life and society for the better.


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