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Empowering People with Dementia

Affecting more than 850,000 people in the UK, dementia continues to be a disorder that devastates countless lives.

Working with a world leading consortium of the UK DRI, the NHS, Imperial College London, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, The Alzheimer’s Society, The Medical Research Council and the University of Surrey, our film crew travelled the nation to tell the story of an innovative new research initiative called ‘Minder’.

‘Minder’ is a innovative programme that allows people to manage their dementia care at home, rather than in hospital.

Using a series of wearable and remote sensing monitors, Minder passively and securely measures the health, behaviour and cognitive functioning of people with dementia.

Thanks so much for putting the film together. It is really great! This is a fantastic way to highlight the work of the Centre.

Professor David Sharp

Centre Director

The big data captured by these devices then feeds into complex machine learning algorithms.

Artificial intelligence then analyses patterns in the data to better understand the hidden complexities of dementia, in order to predict and perhaps even prevent complications that arise in the future.

Behind the scenes are a team of doctors, neologists, occupational therapists, data scientists, PhD researchers, public health directors, UI designers and professors of artificial intelligence, collaborating within a multidisciplinary effort to provide us with game changing insight into dementia, and keeping people with dementia safely at home for as long as possible.

You've captured some incredibly beautiful moments here, and it's such a wonderful embodiment of the many different aspects of work being done. It's very emotive, charming and insightful - well done!

Sophie Horrocks

Designer, Helix Centre

This first cut is brilliant, I like the representation of so many facets of Minder.

Zaynab Ismail

Project Manager

Firstly, I think the video is fantastic.

Matthew Harrison

Senior Design Engineer

Our film showcased the programme at the UK Connectome 2021 event, promoting Minders innovations and incredible achievements to sell out audiences of experts, policy makers and health care providers.


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